Automatically sending changed files from BBEdit over SCP

If you use BBEdit on a local copy of code that you want to send to a remote server upon saving, here's one way to do that: Create a file bbedit_docsave.scpt somewhere with the following contents: and compile it with this command: osacompile -o Document.documentDidSave.scpt bbedit_docsave.scpt Create the directory ~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Attachment Scripts if it doesn't … Continue reading Automatically sending changed files from BBEdit over SCP

Worldwide WordPress 5K

Today is the official day for the Automattic Worldwide WordPress 5K.  Think distributed run for a distributed company, and everyone is welcome to join.  One of my favorite entries is from fellow Automattician Karim Osman, who did a 5K dance. I ran my WWWP5K yesterday, it happened to be race day at CMRA.  The Bluffs … Continue reading Worldwide WordPress 5K

The Parking Lot Movie

Through the magic of Netflix I came across this amazing documentary last weekend.  The Parking Lot Movie is a 79-minute meditation on capitalism, sociology, management, class war, and of course, cars. The Corner Parking Lot in Charlottesville, VA, is staffed by unlikely attendants -- graduate students in philosophy and theology, for example -- which gives … Continue reading The Parking Lot Movie