What a Year

I relish the chance to reflect on an ending year, but the past few months have been insanely busy.  So without further ado, while it’s still January, here is my 2010 in a sentence: I left AOL, gave up coffee, took a trip around the world with my family, Germany nearly almost won the World Cup, I dropped my son off for his freshman year at college, and started a new job.  And that’s just  June-September, I’m not really sure what happened in the first half of the year, and the last few months are a blur.  The trip was, of course, the best part.  Here are some photos of Siegburg, Venice, Padua, Delhi, Agra, Ko Samui, Bangkok, and Hong Kong:

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My favorite 2.6% of the day

My new favorite run takes me through 4.5 miles of the open space near my house, has about 700 feet of ascents according to my trusty Garmin Forerunner, and takes me about 38 minutes on a good day.  There’s nothing like running under a Colorado sky on a sunny December day.  Those 38 minutes are my favorite 2.6% of the whole day.

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Sphere, the related content company I co-founded three years ago, has been acquired by AOL.

I think I logged about 185 hours of sleep and 3 blog posts on remylabs over the last three years, but building Sphere has been really fun, thanks to the best team in the business. We have a small but incredibly great team at Sphere (a photo of our handsome crew is here), and I’d like to congratulate and thank each of them for being a part of this adventure:

Our word-class business team: Jeff Yolen and Josh Guttman.

Our stellar technology team: Alex Bendig, Andy Cabell, Kevin Cowan, Adam Embick, Mike Garfias, Michael Harzheim, Sven Henderson, Troy Vitullo and Jeremy Rice.

And of course my co-founders, Steve Nieker and Tony Conrad, as well as a superb group of investors and advisors including our 4th co-founder and advisor Toni Schneider.

Not strictly part of our team, but not far from it: Some of the best partners and customers (early adopters and others) that a startup can hope for.

I’m very excited to join AOL. Sphere’s content discovery products are a great fit for AOL’s sites and platforms, and I look forward to working with the great people there. We’ve worked with several groups within AOL over the last couple of years, so I know first-hand that the place is chock-full of smart people.